Back in 2011, Aneek Chaudhuri had made a short film titled 'Congested Harmony', which made it to IFFM 2011 in the short film category. It was the director's debut attempt. Now, 'White' enters Australia with back-to-back screenings in Melbourne and Sydney after 7 long years. With a selection in IFFM 2018, 'White' will also be a part of its Sydney screenings. The Indian film festival screenings in Sydney will be held in mid August.
Said Aneek, "With double screenings in two major cities of Australia, White is exposed to a larger number of audiences. Now, it is more like a widespread festival release of the film in Oceania. This has been a journey of sacrifices in these 7 years. I was a novice then, was unsure of making early intoprofessional filmmaking; however, destiny had its own show. This indeed is an example of how people should start with once you aspire to become a filmmaker." Team White is all excited to make it big in Australia, after Europe. Aneek claims, "Personally, this is already a big win for me and the period of 7 years reflect that for sure. Adding to it more, Team White has much more to achieve and we are counting upon the milestones."