Tab Hunter, Hollywood heart-throb of the 1950s and 60s, reportedly died at his Santa Barbara home on Sunday night of a heart attack caused by a blood clot. He was 86.
Born Arthur Andrew Kelm in 1931, Hunter broke into movies in the 1950 film noir The Lawless after a spell in the coastguard as a teenager: he was given his screen alias by agent Henry Willson, who specialised in the pretty-boy “beefcake” stars of the time, such as Rock Hudson, Chad Everett, and Troy Donahue.
Before he joined the film industry, Hunter enlisted in the US Coast Guard at 15, after lying about his age. He was discharged from the maritime service after it was learnt that he was underage.
In 2015, Hunter’s autobiography was turned into a documentary, Tab Hunter Confidential, by Jeffrey Schwarz; it was produced by Hunter’s longterm partner Allan Glaser, who survives him.