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Vyjayanthi Movies, SVC Pictures & PVP Cinema celebrate 25th movie of Mahesh Babu

News / Telugu
06-Aug-2018 6:54AM

For some time now, everyone thought that things are not well between PVP and the producers of Mahesh25. There has been a controversy around the same for a long time. PVP was supposed to produce the movie but due to several reasons, Dil Raju and Ashwini Dutt stepped into the movie. After a court hearing, there was no update from the film unit about the involvement of PVP. But, finally, we have an update regarding the same.
The makers launched an official emblem to celebrate 25 movies of Mahesh Babu. Along with the logos of Vyjayanthi Movies and SVC Pictures, PVP's logo was also seen on the poster. It clearly revealed that PVP was also made involved in the production of the film.
Mahesh25 pre-production started at PVP office first. The producer also spent some amount for the project but Vamshi later moved to other producers. PVP has been to court to bring a stay on making the movie. In the end, the producers have come for a compromise and joined hands with PVP for producing the film. This surely brings an end to the controversy but we have to see how the three produces are going to share the profits on the movie.

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