Mahesh kumar - the debutant director of 'Ayogya' already proved his potent. Now he is all ready for his second attempt. He also chose none other than Sriimurali as the lead of this movie. His 2017 hit 'Mufti' won SIIMA Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role. So Mahesh's casting got a very strong point.

Now for the movie, we got the title for sure. And it will be 'Madha Gaja', which means mad elephant. Sriimurali heard the name of the film and liked it. He said “To be very honest, I loved the title. I can’t divulge much about the story or character, but what also interested me is the earnestness with which Mahesh had presented his debut film. That kind of dedication is refreshing and I wanted to see what he would bring to the table with a script like this."

He also added "There were media reports that this film was first offered to Dhruva Sarja. I spoke to Mahesh about this and was assure that the script for Dhruva was different from what we will be working on. Madha Gaja will take off after I complete Bharaate."