'Vada Chennai' already got a very good reception from its premiere in the Pingyao International Film Festival. The film created huge expectations among film buffs and Dhanush fans. The film is written and directed by Vetri Maaran. Dhanush will be portraying the role of a national level carrom player. The film will also cast Aishwarya Rajesh as female lead. Recently CBFC released the censor certificate for 'Vada Chennai'. The certificate shows that the film got 'A' rating. It also revealed the total runtime. The film will be 166 minutes (2 hours 46 minutes) long.

The film is produced as a trilogy by A. Subaskaran's Lyca Productions and Dhanush's Wunderbar Films with Vetri Maaran's Grass Root Film Company. In 2007 Vetri Maaran gave us a super hit - 'Polladhavan'. That time he won 'Vijay Award for Best Director'. This year his production gifted us with another hit - 'Annanukku Jai'. It also got good responses from film critics. Last time we have seen Dhanush in 'The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir'. The film was directed by Ken Scott.

'Vada Chennai' is scheduled to release on October 17th. So all Dhanush fans need to wait for another three days to get the gift from Vetri Maaran and Dhanush duo.