Mammootty’s Uncle is an engaging tale that mirrors the thoughts of society about the relationship between a man and a woman. ‘Men will be men no matter how old he is”. This popular thought has been clearly portrayed in Joy Mathew’s movie Uncle, directed by Girish Damodhar.
Sruthy (Karthika), daughter of Vijayan (Joy Mathew) is stuck at Ooty due to an unexpected hartal. Krishnakumar (Mammootty), accidentally meets her on the road while he is returning to Kozhikode after a business trip. He offers a lift and Sruthy joins in. An old classmate of Krishnakumar, Vijayan knows all the ‘mischievous’ things he would encounter during the trips. As the movie breaks for interval, we see the dilemma of a father and a mother, who believe on one hand that all men are good, while at the same time have sceptical minds.
We see many of the people around us including serial loving Ammachi, gossip mongers who love to cook up stories on men and women.
Should we trust the Uncle or not? We need to wait and watch.