Prithviraj just announced his upcoming project on his birthday on October 16. The movie will be directed by debutant director Kalabhavan Shajohn. The script is also written by him. A few years back Kalabhavan approached Prithviraj with the story and that time he was mesmerized with the script. Now the project is starting to take shape.

Kalabhavan Shajohn started as an actor and comedian in Malayalam cinema industry. He started his career as a mimicry artist in Kalabhavan, Kochi. Then he got his big break in 'Drishyam', in which he played a negative role.

About the film Prithviraj posted in his facebook "Couple of years back, Shajon chetan came to me and read a fully bound script that he had written. He wanted me to act in it and also take a call on who would be the best choice to direct his script. But in the way he had written it, and in the detailing of his narration. it was pretty obvious to me that only one person could direct his script. HIMSELF! This is about fun guys! Comedy, Action, Romance, Fun and Emotion. Announcing.. Kalabhavan Shajon's directorial debut... BROTHER'S DAY!"