These days debutant directors are ruling the industry it seems. Sudipto Roy is another such name. His directorial debut 'Kia And Cosmos' became a masterstroke and making its way to many film festival before its theatrical release. It was screened on Cannes 2018. Now it made its way to Barcelona. There at the Asian Film Festival Barcelona 2018 the film will be showcased again. It has been also got four nominations at the Milan International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema 2018. The nominations are for the Best Sound Design, Best Editing of a Foreign Language Film, Best Cinematography of a Foreign Language Film and Best Director of a Foreign Language Feature Film.

The film casts Swastika Mukherjee and Joy Sengupta in lead roles. Ritwika Pal, the main star of the film, just made her debut. She is playing the role of Kia - a 15 years old girl who suffers from pervasive developmental disorder and yet finds her way to investigate the murder of a cat. Sraman Chatterjee, Zahid Hossain, Amaan Reza and Mita Chatterjee are playing many important roles in it.