Former CBFC Chief Pahlaj Nihalani is known for demanding unreasonable cuts in films. Now he is fighting against the same board for cutting 20 scenes from his upcoming film 'Rangeela Raja'. The film is casting Govinda in lead role and is set to release on November 16th. The film received those cuts mostly for obscene dialogues with dual meaning. Pahlaj has rejected the cuts proposed by the CBFC, calling it 'unjustified'. He believes that the film isn't vulgar.

The irony anyway raised an air of amusement in social media. Everyone who knows about his work as a board Chief, calling it 'karma'. Recently he was replaced by Prasoon Joshi. Pahlaj has filed a plea in Bombay High Court against the Censor Board to withdraw these cuts.

Let's check few post by netizens in Twitter.