Thala Ajith’s upcoming film Viswasam is hot topic among fan clubs. There was many speculation about the roles played by Ajith and Nayanthara. But recent report shows some hints about their characters. In Viswasam, Ajith and Nayanthara will be playing as a married couple. More than that the film will have scene of getting them married.

In a recent interview with Anikha, she said, "I am obviously playing Ajith sir's daughter. I am there throughout the movie. I have had a great time playing it. I have quite a lot of combination scenes with Nayanthara. She is obviously playing my mother. But I actually have a lot of combination scenes with Ajith than Nayanthara."

Director Siva and Ajith delivered 'Veeram', 'Vedalam' and 'Vivegam' previously. It seems like their fondness on starting the name with 'V' continues. 'Viswasam' is the fourth film from the director-actor duo. The film will release in the first quarter next year.