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Mika's Misbehavior Drags Him To United Arab Emirates Jail

News / Celebrity
07-Dec-2018 12:59PM

Mika's controversies are not yet over. His mischievous nature made him a star and now dragging him down for obvious reason. In recent times, many celebrities are blamed for their misbehavior. Who doesn't know the famous #MeToo campaign all over the internet. Mika is the latest addition on the black list now. The Bollywood singer was in Dubai to participate in an event.

A Brazilian teenager complained to police that Mika had sent her sexually explicit pictures. Around 3 am in the morning the cops arrested Mika. he had already asked for help of the Indian embassy. Today he will be bring to court and his release and sentences will be given. It seems like getting arrested in overseas country can make the news spread in whole world much faster.

His past incident like kissing actress Rakhi Sawant in public created a huge controversy in the year 2006. After that incident, it's been long time he was involved in such scandal till now.

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