Recently the trailer of kannada movie 'Bazaar' came out. And the trailer is good enough for a medium budget film. We also recommend to watch the movie. With the release of the trailer makers also revealed that the movie is scheduled to release on January 10. But right now it seems that they have to postpone the release due to more than one reason. Main reason is that few high budget movies are also scheduled to release on the same weekend. So producers feared that they won't be able to get much screens available gor the same reason.

Another unforseen issue just dropped in after the trailer release. In the movie many pigeons are used in some scenes. Now the Director of Wildlife Board has to verify the legal aspect of using pigeons in the film. This is totally unconsidered even at the time of filming. So at this time when the release date is just a few days away, makers of the film is in deep discussion with wildlife board to find out a feasible solution.

The movie features Dhanveer and Aditi Prabhudeva as male and female leads. The project was bankrolled by Thimmai Gowda under 'Bharathi Film Production' banner. Sunil Suni directed the film.