It's been more than two decades from Kamal Haasan's 'Indian' got released. In 1996 after the film got released, it gained positive critical response from all over the country. But since then long time passed and there was no news of any sequel. The famed director Shankar got his hands on many more huge projects in the meantime. But in 2018 he thought of resurrecting 'Indian' franchise once again. The film started rolling once again. He also announced that in 2019 'Indian 2' will arrive on theatres.

'Indian' was the story of an ex-freedom fighter - Senapathy who turned vigilante targeting on rooting out corruption from society. This time also Senapathy will avenge polluted leaders in our society. At the end sequence of the main movie Senapathy declared that he will return once again when ever corruption rises and the society will again need a fighter against those. It seems to take more than two decades to call back Senapathy to fight for right. Shankar tweeted that on January 18 the first look poster will be released. So waiting time is over for Kamal fans as we have two days more to go to have a look of the legendary fighter for whom age is not an excuse for retirement.