Tanuja Mukerji's return was confirmed with Parambrata's fourth movie 'Sonar Pahar'. It already had gained much attention from movie buffs. Previously the movie was scheduled to be released on June 8, 2018. But latest news from the team indicated that it will be released afterwards, we still do not know the exact date of release.
In this film, veteran actress Tanuja plays a 70-year-old woman Upoma who lives alone in a rundown Kolkata house. Jisshu Sengupta will be seen as the elderly woman's son Soumya, while Parambrata plays Soumya's childhood friend Rajdeep and little Srijato is set to portray a 7-year-old boy Bitlu who is the centre attraction of 'Shonar Pahar'. Arunima Ghosh essays out the role of Soumya's wife.
According to the narrative of 'Shonar Pahar', the mother-son relationship is strained at the moment due to several reasons. One day Soumya's childhood friend Rajdeep visits the elderly woman Upoma along with little Bitlu and the septuagenarian eventually develop a special bond with the child. The narrative explores this unique friendship between the two.