“I rarely watch my own films. The last film I watched in theatre was ‘Tholiprema’. Word of mouth praise about ‘Rangasthalam’ and Ram Charan’s performance from all quarters drew me to a theatre after so many years. And when I learnt that the film is rated higher than ‘The Godfather’ and ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ on IMDB, curiosity got the better of me to watch it,” said Pawan Kalyan.
He went on saying that the film has made everyone proud, not just box-office-wise but also with respect to content. “I was transported to a place called Rangasthalam. All the actors have lived their parts to make the film so realistic. The film is a proof that it’s possible to make a realistic yet commercial film,” he said.
"'Rangasthalam’ deserves to be sent to Los Angeles for the Oscars. ‘Rangasthalam’ is the story of our soil – that goes deep into our culture and the circumstances in our villages. It deserves the same kind of support that we gave Baahubali,” said PK, lauding the vision of Sukumar. He also praised the entire cast and crew saying that the cinematographer, art director and costume designer did full justice to Sukumar’s vision.