There is a lot of buzz about Kaala's release issue in Karnataka. Now here comes another update on the same. Will Kaala release in Karnataka? According to reports, Kumarasamy, the CM of Karnataka has said, "If releasing Kaala will disrupt the peace and harmony of the state, then it is better not to release the film."
Apart from this, the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce has said, "Rajinikanth must take back his statement that a Cauvery management board must be formed. Instead of taking a stand, he must have said that the two state governments must discuss and decide." When questioned upon his previous statement about protests made in Thoothukudi, the actor said "Everyone is very much aware of what I said that day. All the videos of me speaking is up on Youtube so, everything is easily available to the public. There is nothing for me to hide or cover up."
As of now, it looks like Kaala will not be hitting the screens in Karnataka.