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Rishi Kapoor plays a Rookie learning ways of the Internet for Leena Yadav's 'Rajma Chawal'

News / Bollywood
09-Jun-2018 11:43AM
Times of India

Rishi Kapoor may be one of the most prolific celebrity tweeters with a staggering figure of three million followers but for his next, the 65-year-old actor had to unlearn all the tech tricks acquired over the years. Mirror has learnt that in Leena Yadav’s next, 'Rajma Chawal', he plays a patriarch who, with the help of his son (played by Anirudh Tanwar), is trying to catch up with technology.
Leena says, "Food is also an integral part of the story so for many reasons there couldn’t be a better choice than Rishiji for the part." Sharing memories from the shoot, the filmmaker adds, “We had lots of fun shooting at Chandni Chowk, food became a big part of our lives. Rishi ji had informed us on the first day itself that he instead of riding a bike through the narrow lanes he’d prefer walking. He would stop at every shop and inquire what they were cooking. By the second day it had become normal for the locals to watch Rishi Kapoor walk by.”
On the father-son dynamic, she says, “They look like they’re always on the brink of a war, but all the son wants is his father’s approval. In this film, the father learns to get on the internet and ways to communicate with his son who is always looking into his mobile.”

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