10 Longest International Borders Of The World

Indranil Maiti11 September 2020 2:18PM IST
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Borders are geographic boundaries that define a country. Borders are not just lines that separate two countries. They tell us more about the relationships between the countries. Today we want to list down 10 longest International borders.

10. India - Pakistan

India and Pakistan share an international border of length 3323km. Which makes it 10th longest international border. The border runs from LoC to Sir Creek in Rann of Kutch.

9. Brazil - Bolivia

With the length of 3423km Brazil, Bolivia border holds the 9th spot. The border extends from CorumbΓ‘, Mato Grosso do Sul, to Assis Brazil, in Acre. The boundary line crosses a variety of terrains, going from large urban areas by inhospitable deserts and forests.

8. Mongolia - Russia

The border between Mongolia and Russia is virtually all land. The total length of it is 3485km. It is 3rd longest border for Russia. There are 10 official crossing points, 2 of which are train crossings.

7. India - China

India and China share one of the longest unmarked borders. The total length is 3488km, which makes it 7th longest international border. There are lots of disputed territorial area along with India - China border.

6. India - Bangladesh

India and Bangladesh shares 4156km international border. This border was decided using the Radcliffe line in 1947. Small demarcated portions of the border are fenced on both sides. The Land Boundary Agreement to simplify the border was ratified by both India and Bangladesh on 7 May 2015.

5. China - Russia

After the final demarcation carried out in the early 2000s, the Sino - Russian border measures 4,209 km. The border consists of two non-contiguous sections: the long eastern section and the much shorter western section. Today the borderline is mostly inherited by Russia.

4. Mongolia - China

The border between China and Mongolia is the line that limits the territory of the People's Republic of China and Mongolia. The border stretches 4630km. It touches both Russia - China border and Mongolia - Russia border. The eastern end of the border includes the Gobi Desert in Hulunbei'er, formerly of Heilongjiang.

3. Chile - Argentina

Chile - Argentina border has a length of 5308km. It is the longest international border in South America. There had been few disputes between Chile and Argentina regarding the border in past.

2. Russia - Kazakhstan

This 7644km long border is between the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation. It is the longest continuous international border in the world and the second-longest by total length, after the USA - Canada border. The border stretched from Caspian sea to tripoint with China.

1. USA - Canada

With the length of 8891km USA-Canada border is the longest border in the world. Though it is not a continuous border. One part of the border separates Alaska to Canada and another part separates Canada to mainland USA.