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10 Slangs Which Are Only Used By A British

Mayukh Bari10 June 2020 12:05AM IST
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Language defines culture in a very practical way. And slangs are the cream of it without which a language is as attractive as broccoli. Despite being the English language, British slangs are not that popular worldwide as American ones. Learners always prefer to memorize these beautiful words in their first session and I bet you will do the same.

Here is the list of 10 most popular British slangs which you must (not) use when visiting UK.

#1. Bellend

The genitals play a godly role when creating slangs and this is universal. Bellend comes from the group of penis-related insults which are probably as old as language itself. Bellend is on a par with the American asshole but goes finely among friends.

#2. Twat

Though this one derived from the reference of the vagina - twat has almost lost the link with the actual origin. And it's not an insult that is reserved for girls either. Create a drunken brawl in a party, Brits will call you a 'Twat' - while punching you on the face.

#3. Wanker

The word refers to masturbation, but a wanker is someone who masturbates. They are therefore alone, obsessive and most of the time not hygienic. This slang is very offensive and must be used with caution.

#4. Tosser

This is the politer representation of Wanker. Both means the same. But for being polite, Tosser is used with less caution and widely accepted too. That doesn't mean you can avoid a black eye for using it here and there.

#5. Minger

This one is a newer item on the list. At first, minger simply referred to ugly people. But the usage changes over time as ugliness is not an universal constant. Nowadays if you are eating yesterday's takeout from the garbage, you are a minger.

#6. Munter

However, if you are a munter, you're definitely ugly. This one takes the place of Minger these days. As the previous one is a synonym to scavenger - this one is the ugly side of truth. Yeah, more or less we all are munter from inside.

#7. Scrubber

Scrubber is an old term for a prostitute, and as you may already know, when insulting a woman, the easiest thing to do is suggest she is freely available for sex if the money is right. So you must already understand that it should be used with high caution.

#8. Slag

This refers to a woman who stole your man, but not at the man who went off with that woman. Although to be fair, he is clearly almost every other word on this list. Most of the time it is used for an attractive Scrubber.

#9. Pillock

This is used to refer a lazy, forgetful idiot. Not at all as harsh as the previous ones. But yes it is professional slang and must not be that insulting. Beautifully goes with day to day use with no severe consequences.

#10. Barmy

This one refers to a person who is crazy or obsessive on something. English cricket fans called themselves Barmy Army as it is a crazy idea to watch a single game which takes five days.

It's great fun to learn new words. But using these, you can get yourself into a very unwanted situation. So keep a check on your tongue and don't be an 'Arsehole'.