Arunraja: 'Kanaa' is neither a biopic, nor inspired from anyone’s life

Cineraptor24 July 2018 1:34PM IST
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Actor Sivakarthikeyan's maiden production venture 'Kanaa' is based on women’s cricket and it is not a biopic. Director Arunraja explains "The film is a first-of-its-kind, considering that it is completely based on women’s cricket. It narrates the story of Kausalya, a girl hailing from a village, who makes it big in national level cricket. Unlike many of the recent Bollywood outings, Kanaa is neither a biopic, nor inspired from anyone’s life. But any woman who is attached to her family and wants to pursue a dream in her respective field can connect to this movie."
He also added, "This film belongs to sports genre and it has only one format. I could have tweaked it if I was trying a thriller or mystery with sports as its backdrop. But this is a pure sports drama and we have developed the screenplay based on the requirements of the characters. I chose Aishwarya as she has got the namma-ooru-ponnu-look. She didn’t even know how to hold a ball, and now, she bowls perfectly. After training for more than 60 days, the way she played the game isn’t very different from the real Under-19 players in the film. Sathyaraj sir’s role is the backbone of the movie, which also has costume designer Sathya and Darshan playing crucial roles in it."
Arunraja Kamaraj is a prominent lyricist in tamil movie industry. Working from 2014 he gave many hits since now. 'Kanaa' is Arunraja's directorial debut. He is known for his works as lyricist in films such as Theri, Pencil, Kabali and Jigarthanda.