15 Weird Psychological Facts Which Will Blow Your Mind

Mayukh Bari17 July 2020 12:06PM IST
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Human mind does spectacular things when you are not even noticing. It is the most complex and powerful mechanism which is shaped by the values and our surroundings throughout the years. Are you fascinated by what makes human beings human: how we are able to think and feel and express ourselves in a way unlike any other animal? These are 15 weird psychological facts which will blow your mind.

⦿ Let's start with 'Love'. The neurological effect of falling in love with someone has a similar effect as getting high on cocaine - overdose is not possible with love though.

⦿ A research discovered that, hugging a person for only 20 seconds can build enough trust to start a lifelong relationship. So, beware of those strangers who are offering 'Free Hug'.

⦿ 68% of people are suffering from a strange symptom known as the phantom vibration syndrome - a sudden feeling of phone vibration when it is not at all vibrating.

⦿ Human memories get distorted over time - an average person has at least one false piece of memory which he/she believes like real. Your subconscious mind also 'rewrites' boring speech of people and makes it sound more interesting.

⦿ According to a somewhat doubtful research, memories of phobias are passed down through generations in DNA. Doubtful, because a child can develop a phobia just by observing others reaction.

⦿ Sometime your own native language can not be trusted. When you think in another language, you will make more rational decisions. These days I start to make decision with 'Sentinelese'. Believe me it helps a lot.

⦿ A study suggests that the person who loses their mobile phone will experience a panic similar to a near-death experience. Have you ever experienced that?

⦿ You start feeling depressed as a result of overthinking. In this state, your mind creates problems that didn't even exist. People are happier when they are kept busy - this stops them from thinking about negative things in life.

⦿ Stress is hard on the body, causing hormonal reactions that can potentially influence the growth of existing cancerous cells. But stress alone can't induce cancer in a healthy body.

⦿ Music can change your perception. The type of music, you choose to listen could affect the way you perceive the world. Have you seen my headphones?

⦿ You can protect yourself from physical & mental illness by thinking optimistic beliefs about your future. Positive thoughts can make you healthy.

⦿ You can't read in a dream because reading and dreaming are functions of different sides of brain, which don't co-operate during dreams. Another fun fact is that a sequel of previous dream is possible.

⦿ Extroverts are not the better sellers than everyone else. It is the 'Ambiverts', people who are more or less equal parts extroverted and introverted, would perform best.

⦿ Volunteers feel more satisfied with their lives than non-volunteers. Because for a capable person, most of the time giving things back to society is really satisfying.

⦿ And in the end, here is a real pressing issue. A research finds that the level of anxiety in average high school kids today is the same as the psychiatric patient in early 1950s.

"We don't need no education
We don't need no thought control
No dark sarcasm in the classroom
Teachers, leave them kids alone
Hey, teachers, leave those kids alone
All in all its just another brick in the wall"