Tamil movie lovers have a good news for their tummy

Cineraptor08 September 2018 12:50PM IST
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Recently the Maharashtra High court ordered that the theatres and multiplexes should not sell products above the Maximum Retail Price. Few theatres which did not take seriously are duly penalized and sometimes banned for reasonable time.

Now, the movie goers in Tamil Nadu can also feel happy, as the same rule has been implemented here. An official statement from the labour department read:

Of late various complaints are being received from public that in Tamil Nadu, the packaged commodities sold in canteen, restaurant and the stalls of cinema theatres are being charged above the MRP rates mentioned in the packages.

In order to put an end to this practice, as per the instructions of the Commisioner of Labour, Dr. R. Nanthagopal, a special task force headed by the assistant commisioners of Labour formed in each district and surprsie raids were conducted on 06.06.2018 and 07.09.2018 in all cinema theatres in the state.

A total of 335 inspections were made, and 72 of the contraventions were found for selling water bottle, soft drinks and food packets on excess MRP. Moreover for the contraventions like non declaration of statutory information like name of manufacturers, full address, MRP, Date of packing, etc.,

Totally 38 such cases were filed. 4 cases have also been booked. A total of 114 cases were booked on theatre canteen owners and necessary penal action has been initiated.

The Labour department has created a Tamil Nadu Legal Metrology complaint tracking system, a mobile app. The consumers can download the app trough playstore and lodge complaints, for immediate relief.

This news was issued by the director of Information and Public Relations.