Bollywood: With Great releases come Greater Failure

Cineraptor12 October 2018 8:45PM IST
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Today is not the day for Bollywood box office. We have four well marinated movies released this friday. None of those are so conventional in term of casting. After a long break we have Govinda with 'FryDay'. Kajol on the other hand worked with the well acknowledged bong boy Riddhi Sen and gave us 'Helicopter Eela'. Marathi themed horror thriller 'Tumbbad' is brought to us by Sohum Shah. And in the end the desert would be 'Jalebi' by Rhea Chakraborty and Varun Mitra. So the course was planned beautifully.

But when it comes to business they all failed dramatically. All four of them opened to disastrous response as far as morning shows occupancy is concerned. 'Tumbbad' got the best response from critics among them. 'Helicopter Eela' and 'FryDay' got mixed response. But 'Jalebi' came out as a not so good desert.

It seems that two Hollywood releases this week ruined the Bollywood party little bit more. Ryan Gosling starrer 'First Man' got overwhelming response from all over the world. And the other one is from actor director Bradley Cooper. His 'A Star Is Born' could be a remake of a great 1937 film of the same name, but proved to be only better when served.

So this is only the start of the festive season. Many more better things yet to happen in the industry. Great releases may have their names written in history but without a good plan of release, business might work just like a helicopter not a jet.