'Durgeshgarer Guptodhon' : Abir Chatterjee again back as Sona da

Cineraptor22 October 2018 2:37AM IST
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This year Dhrubo Banerjee's experiment with Abir Chatterjee was a big success with the release of 'Guptodhoner Sandhane'. With the character of Subarna Sen (Sonada) Abir created another detective series just like Byomkesh. Both are meticulously crafted by their directors and Abir's performance made the characters come alive. Now Abir Chatterjee is back again as Sona da, along with Jhinuk (Ishaa Saha) and Aabir (Arjun Chakrabarty), for 'Durgeshgarer Guptodhon', directed by Dhrubo Banerjee.

The cast already started shooting to capture the glimpse of of Durga Puja for the film. "Durga Puja plays a vital role in 'Durgeshgarer Guptodhon'. We are shooting today as the essence of Durga Puja had to be captured. Abir, my cinematographer Soumik (Haldar) and I jointly decided to shoot today as everything about Durga Puja can’t be recreated in November. We needed the Durga puja flavour, kash phool, the empty pandals and the tired dhaakis to be captured along with my three pivotal characters. I can’t disclose how it is interwoven in the film," said Dhrubo.

Abir is also equally excited to start work again after a long puja break. He said, "Sona da is close to my heart and the way the audience accepted the character is great. So, we are back again and this time Ma Durga will be a vital element in the film."