Naseeruddin Shah And Soumitra Chatterjee To Share Screen Space In 'Debotaar Grash'

Cineraptor17 January 2019 8:30AM IST
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Naseeruddin Shah has a very well built connection with Bengali film industry from a long time. Mr. Shah first appeared in a Bengali film in Prabhat Roy's 1983 film 'Protidan'. He visited Kolkata many times either for a film shooting or just to spend a few days for no reason. Thanks to director Saibal Mitra for making this bond much stronger. A recent report says that Naseeruddin will join famous Bengali actor Soumitra Chatterjee for a new project. The film is titled as 'Debotaar Grash'. The film will be an adaptation of the novel - 'Inherit the Wind', by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E Lee.

In an interview director Saibal Mitra said, "Contemporising the play in the Indian context was a big challenge and I got thinking about it for long. Finally, I managed to get the right cast and the film is in the final stages of pre-production." The film is based on a communal tension in which a science teacher denies to teach things based on religious book. For that he put behind the bar. Naseeruddin and Soumitra are appearing in the role of two eminent lawyers who will fight each other on the case. It took one and half year for the director to just find the proper cast. And we are pretty sure that Saibal did a very good job in connecting both Naseeruddin and Soumitra on the same screen space.