Not having ‘a’ producer onboard helped us make Raambo 2 on our terms: Anil Kumar

Times of India14 May 2018 11:05AM IST
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Since turning hero, actor Sharan has been making slow but steady inroads in the Kannada film industry, so much so that today, he has a standing of his own and commands a sizeable fan following. After having had to fund his own launch, Sharan has come a long way, with no dearth of filmmakers seeking his call sheets. His next, Raambo 2, sees him return to the role of producer, albeit this time with a bunch of trusted pals — all of whom have also worked on the film — chipping in to help him bring the story to the screen. Director Anil Kumar explains, “When we finalised the script and had the team in place, there was a producer onboard. Considering that this is a road movie, we did a lot of location recces and were all set to begin filming when the producer had to excuse himself.”
Anil adds, “We did get someone else to step in almost immediately, but he too had to leave, as he wanted the film made on a much smaller budget, which would have been impossible, given what we were attempting to do. We were then at a juncture at which we didn’t know what to do and were wondering if our hard work would all have been for nothing. It was then that our DOP Sudhakar suggested that we could make the film together, provided everyone involved forgoes their remuneration. Sharan, Chikkanna, Tharun Sudhir, editor KM Prakash, art director Mohan B Kere, composer Arjun Janya, among others, liked the idea, but we still needed liquid cash for day-to-day expenses.”
Sharan was in the midst of building his new home, construction of which had to be halted as he channeled his funds into this film. Even Chikkanna and Arjun put in their hard earned money. “That’s when someone suggested that we speak to Atlanta Nagendra, the man who helped Sharan make Raambo. He, as it turns out, was waiting for our call and as soon as we reached out to him, he was on the next flight to India and helped us sort out the nitty-gritties to go on floors,” says Anil, adding, “In a way, not having ‘a’ producer helped us, as we were able to make the film on our terms.”As the team counts down to the film’s release, they are a happy bunch. “Response to the film, based on the music and trailer has been good, and the sales of digital rights, etc., has also been encouraging. Work on Sharan’s house is back on,” says Anil with a laugh.