RGV to start 'Unschool' aspiring directors

Cineraptor27 May 2018 4:41PM IST
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His track record may be weak for the last few years. But still, we have to accept the fact that he has inspired several young directors across the country. Many assistants of Varma became directors. He has inspired several others in an indirect manner. Krishna Vamsi, Teja, Puri Jagannadh, Guna Sekhar all are his assistants before they became directors. He has been teaching lessons with his work until now. Now he is going to teach direction lessons to the students.
Varma is going to start a film institute named RGV Unschool. He made the announcement through his Twitter account. He tweeted that "Along with New York based Dr. Ram Swaroop and Dr. Swetha Reddy, I am starting a Film School called RGV UNSCHOOL. Details will be given at a press meet tomorrow."
The aspiring directors can learn a lot from RGV. If he explains them the technical things about his films they will become great lessons for the youngsters. His new announcement is also giving a feeling that he might put a full stop to the direction and confine himself to the teaching.
Varma is known for presenting the Indian Political Trilogy, and the Indian Gangster Trilogy; film critic Rajeev Masand had labeled the series as one of the "most influential movies of Hindi cinema. The first installment of the trilogy, 'Satya', was also listed in CNN-IBN's 100 greatest Indian films of all time.