8 Girls In 14 Months, Scammer Falsified Child Birth To Claim Incentive

Mayukh Bari21 August 2020 10:45PM IST
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On Friday government officials unveiled an unique scam in Muzaffarpur district of Bihar. When officials investigated the case, they became speechless. The scammers used this unique method to siphon off money meant for a scheme that seeks to incentivise the birth of girl child and prevent female infanticide.

The matter came to light after Musahari Primary Health Centre in-charge Upendra Chaudhary lodged an FIR at the local police when he found out that Leela Devi, aged 65, registered 8 child births in 14 months and for every so-called child birth Rs 1,400 were transferred into her account. When investigation started, they found many similar incidents.

Similar disbursements have been shown in favor of Shanti Devi who is also above 60 years old. According to the record of National Rural Health Mission she gave birth to 5 children in 9 months. Anothet woman named Sonia Devi has also delivered 4 children in 5 months.

When investigators asked the women about the scam, they all stated to know nothing about it. They became surprised to know that their name was used by scammer. District Magistrate Chandrashekhar Singh ordered a high-level inquiry.

The inquiry committee headed by additional district collector Rajesh Kumar has found that prima facie the charges of irregularities are true. He said,

Departmental action will be taken against those found guilty after a detailed probe which would be in addition to legal punishment that may be awarded by a court of law in due course.

This type of scam reminds of the infamous fodder scam of the '90s. In that scam records had shown truckloads of fodder meant for livestock was distributed to the farmers. But in reality it was transported to the private sellers and payments for the same being made to people running business other than farming.