'Mahanati' Lands Into Another Controversy

Tupaki.com02 June 2018 7:28PM IST
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Director Nag Ashwin scored a blockbuster by making a biopic on legendary actress Savitri. He has shown the high & lows of her career and personal life on the silver screen wonderfully. The movie is liked by the audience and critics. The movie is minting money at the box office at the domestic and international markets.
Making a biopic is always a huge challenge for the makers because the characters will be familiar to many people. It has the chance of attracting controversies because some people may raise objections over the portrayal of some characters. 'Mahanati' is not an exception to this trend. Gemini Ganesan's daughter from the first wife has already fired on the 'Mahanati' team alleging that her father was shown in bad light.
Now, 'Mahanati' attracted another controversy. A lady named Vijaya who claims herself to be the granddaughter of K. V. Chowdary's brother is saying that K. V. Chowdary is shown as a good person but he was a showman and a drunkard. Raised by such person is one of the reasons why Savitri got habituated to drinking. Vijaya also slammed Savitri daughter Vijaya Chamundeswari that she filed a case on Savitri for the property when the actress was in the last stages of her career. She also alleged that Chamundeswari didn't take care of Savitri in the last stage of her life.
She said that 'Mahanati' team conveniently ignored all these aspects. When Chamundeswari was asked about these allegations, she brushed them aside saying that there is no need to respond to the comments of unknown people.