Are We Really Living Inside A Simulation?

Indranil Maiti07 June 2020 4:40PM IST
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Almost all of us have seen the movie 'The Matrix'. We have all enjoyed the science fiction idea of human living in a simulation. But what if we are actually living in a simulation? Initially, you may think that I am trying to sell another science fiction story. But if I say some scientists believe it too. Surprised? Let's dig into it to find more.

The idea goes like - what if everything around us - the environment, the cars, the people, the ground underneath is just an illusion and we are interacting with those illusions as a puppet controlled by a simulation. It's like someone is playing a video game only difference is that in this game characters are we humans.

The idea was first proposed by Nick Bostrom. The argument says there are 3 possibilities.

  • 1. Simulating a human being requires a huge computational power. The human race can go extinct before we can reach that. Because every civilization has a ceiling to advancement.
  • 2. Human chooses not to run simulation ever.
  • 3. We are already living in a simulation.
  • Famous astronomer Neil deGrasse Tyson also believes that it is a huge possibility that we are living in a simulation. In his famous StarTalk show, he said,

    I am waiting for someone to convince me that we don't live in a simulation.

    Elon Musk is also a strong believer in this theory. According to him, it is very much possible that we are living inside a simulation. Many scientists are working on designing experiments that can prove if we are actually living in a simulation.

    The basis of the experiment says all simulations can't be perfect, so there should be some exceptions happening here and there and it can be at a very small level also. If we find those exceptions we can experiment on those and try to find the reason for the exceptions, which in turn can show us a way how simulation is working.

    So, next time when you do something just think is it really your will? or, someone is tricking you to do so - making you believe in your will.