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At Last Google Has An Answer For Apple's AirDrop

Mayukh Bari11 August 2020 9:51AM IST
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At last Android gets a new application just like Apple's 'AirDrop'. Google is launching a new Android feature called Nearby Share, which makes it possible to easily share files between Android devices. Android fans are waiting for this update for a long time.

Nearby Share will detect when other Android devices are nearby and will enable users to share files anonymously since there are options to appear as hidden or visible to some or all contacts. Users can share content without even having to launch an app. When Android users select the recipient, the phone will automatically choose the best way to share the file - such as through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, for example. That means Nearby Share will work even when your device is offline.

This feature will be available on Chromebooks in the coming months. Later It'll be available for Android phones running Android 6.0 and higher. If you have a phone from 2015 or newer, there's a very good chance your phone will be able to use it. Google Pixel and Samsung phones will be the first to get the update. Google says. The feature was previously available in a limited capacity for some Android phones by installing Google's Play Services beta.

Google's Android operating system has a market share of 85.4% worldwide. Although Android is capable of sharing files just like 'Airdrop' long time through its native libraries. But Google did not have an inbuilt feature for Android. All big mobile manufacturers like Oppo, Samsung, Vivo, and Xiaomi already had their own sharing app on play store. But users wanted something better like 'AirDrop'. And now Google has addressed the problem.

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