Awesome Characters, Robust Storyline - There Are Many Reasons To Start Watching Anime

Rudranil Bhowmik12 July 2020 3:00PM IST
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Audiovisual process is one of the best ways of understanding. We have a huge socio-psychological impact on our character upon the choice of preference of movie, web-series, cartoon, anime, TV show, news channel we watch. Anime is an animated version of the manga, the Japanese form of picture novel.

There is cartoon and there is anime. Both have hand-drawn or digitally animated characters, but unlike the cartoon, characters of anime get older, grows wiser, almost like a real person. They are not free from earthly boundings, all of them are grey. This way the characters are much closer to heart.

Above the misconceptions, anime is for all groups of ages, though some of them are specially aimed for children, but there are those which appeals to adults as they deal with mature theme, including violence, morality, death.

Anime will show you interesting characters like pirate, ninja, samurai, detective, demon, monster, god and mere human. The chemistry between different shades of character make an anime very dynamic. Each of them has different morality, strength, weakness even unique hairstyle.

One of the great things is that the anime is not gender-biased. Very powerful female characters are present in many scenarios to rob your interest and sometimes they even surpass the leading male protagonist.

Most importantly it is relatable. Most animes deal with moral dilemmas and serious issues. Though stories may sound fictional, the scenarios very much applied to real life. You will be surprised how much life lessons you can learn through watching anime.

Don't forget that a good entertainer is not complete without amazing soundtracks. Using words are cliche - when music can have an overwhelming impact on your soul. Most of the time soundtracks of animes are so good that you can only listen to the playlist for hours.

Last but not least, anime is also called 'Japanimation' for predominantly focusing on Japanese culture and lifestyle. You will definitely get some knowledge about the history, myths, language, lifestyle, even folklore of the land of rising sun. If you are not yet a fan of anime - start watching some during this COVID lockdown.