Battery Powered by Nuclear Waste Can Last For 28,000 Years On Single Charge

Mayukh Bari27 August 2020 11:22AM IST
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An energy startup called NDB claims that they made progress on a battery technology powered by small pieces of nuclear waste.

In many cases, the battery is the limiting factor for the development of modern electronic devices. Manufacturers consider the battery to be end-of-life when it can no longer hold more than 80% of its original charged capacity. But NDB's newest battery innovation can change the perception. They claim that the new cells with the power of nuclear waste can last for 28,000 years, and that's just on one charge! Company spokesperson Neel Naicker said,

Think of it in an iPhone. With the same size battery, it would charge your battery from zero to full, five times an hour. Imagine that. Imagine a world where you wouldn’t have to charge your battery at all for the day. Now imagine for the week, for the month… How about for decades? That's what we're able to do with this technology.

The new technology is named as 'nano-diamond batteries'. According to the company, the cell produces no radiation and it is safe for any electrical or electronic appliances. More surprisingly the new technology costs less than a lithium-ion battery. The cells could be made in any form factor, it says, including iconic ones like AA.

A pair of tests at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Cambridge University show that the battery is already managing a 40 percent charge. When the tech matures, it hopes the batteries could last for between a decade and 28,000 years. And certainly it has the potential to revolutionize everything from electric transportation to personal electronics. NDB's CEO Nima Golsharifi said,

So if you're talking about electric vehicles, our battery could run for around 90 years without the requirement of recharging.