Blender Animation Studio's Movie 'Coffee Run' Has Unfathomable Depth

Mayukh Bari10 June 2020 11:22AM IST
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Every year the open-source 3D software foundation Blender releases a short film. The journey started with the famous 'Big Buck Bunny' in 2008. Each and every movie is a piece of art - most, of course, have a very deep meaning inside. In May 29th 2020 they released the 13th short film - 'Coffee Run'. Without further chit chat, let's dive into the movie. Watch a couple of times. Even after that if you are not able to understand, read the next part of this article.

As you can see the movie runs in 3 loops. In each loop, few scenes changed in a very meaningful way. This is about a young woman - Fueled by caffeine, she runs through the bittersweet memories of her past. The movie has a total 8 scenes.

#1. Proposal

This memory of the past is unchangeable. The boy proposed the girl and both were very happy.

#2. Marriage

They tied the knot and started a family. This part is also unchanged throughout the movie.

#3. Delivery

This scene signifies a forced or premature delivery - which takes us to the next scene - Incubator.

#4. Incubator

As a premature delivery the baby was kept in an incubator. But sadly the baby could not make it.

#5. Funeral

This dark memory has a very unsaturated tone. Truly signifies the pain they are having.

#6. Fight

This scene is on a rooftop restaurant wherein each progressive loop their relationship deteriorate causing separation or divorce.

#7. Park

This oversaturated scenes are the dreams. In every progressive loop the sound of the baby changed and in the 3rd loop the girl started doing skateboarding too.

#8. Loneliness

This is both start and the end sequence - the cruel reality of the present - driven by caffeine she lives a lonely life with her only pet cat.

The masterminds behind the project
  • Director: Hjalti Hjalmarsson
  • Producer: Francesco Siddi
  • Executive Producer: Ton Roosendaal
  • Music: Hrafn Thoroddsen
  • Sound Design: Sander Houtman
  • Shading & Lighting: Andy Goralczyk
  • Modelling: Julien Kaspar
  • Concept Art: Vivien Lulkowski
  • Character Animation: Pablo Fournier and Hjalti Hjalmarsson
  • Rigging: Demeter Dzadik