Celera 500L 'Bullet' Plane Is Faster And Eight Times More Fuel Efficient

Mayukh Bari31 August 2020 10:24AM IST
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Otto Aviation finally revealed the strange looking Celera 500L 'Bullet' Plane. The plane was first spotted at the Southern California Logistics Airport near Victorville in April 2017.

In 2017, the photos of the plane got instant attention for Its unusual design. Now, the Celera 500L has finally been revealed to the world, with the launch of a new website and a bunch of very cool new photos. The 'bullet' shaped plane is a six-person private aircraft that promises to fly at jet speeds, but with eight times lower fuel consumption. It can go around twice the distance when compared to other similar sized aircrafts. CEO Bill Otto Jr. said,

Our goal has always been to create a safe and private aircraft that would allow for direct flights in the US at speeds and cost comparable to commercial air travel.

Celera 500L runs at 18 to 25 miles-per-gallon fuel economy (compared to the 2-3 miles-per-gallon of a comparable jet aircraft). The operating cost of this plane is $328 hourly, which is about six times lower than the market standards. With a maximum cruise speed of around 460 miles per hour it can give a generous 5,200 mile range. On the website the company claims that "the Celera 500L is the most fuel-efficient, commercially viable aircraft in existence."

The efficiency is achieved by its 'Laminar' shape. With an optimum length-to-width ratio the plane reduced drag significantly. Laminar shapes are also used for the wings and tail sections. With such aerodynamics it requires a comparatively less powerful engine. The Celera 500L is powered by V12 RED A03 engine which is certified to operate on Jet A1 and biodiesel. The CEO said,

In many cases, individuals and families will be able to charter the Celera 500L at prices comparable to commercial airfares, but with the convenience of private aviation.

Celera 500L could have another application as a cargo plane. As the most economical plane it can provide next-day or even same-day delivery to a remote location without charging hefty amount.

Otto Aviation said that the plane has already completed 31 successful test flights. The company also has plan for the Celera 1000L, which will be 20% bigger with same efficiency. If everything goes according to the plan, the first commercial deliveries of the Celera 500L will start by 2025.