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Comet Neowise Will Be Visible In Naked Eyes From India For The Next 20 Days

Mayukh Bari14 July 2020 3:19PM IST
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People from different countries have been sharing pictures of the newly discovered comet C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE). Now good news for star gazers in India is that the comet will be visible in India with naked eyes from today onwards for the next 20 days. Read the below article to know more about the comet.

Newly Discovered Comet NEOWISE Is Now Visible From Northern Hemisphere

The deputy director of Pathani Samanta Planetarium, Dr Subhendu Pattnaik said,

From July 14, C/2020 F3 will be clearly visible in the north-western sky. It will be visible after sunset for around 20 minutes for the next 20 days. People can observe it with naked eyes. Around 30th July it can be seen near Ursa Major (Saptarshi Mandal) at an altitude of 40 degrees and will be visible for an hour.

Dr Pattnaik also added,

A far better viewing perspective will be available in the evening sky starting around July 14, when it will appear low in the northwest sky (20 degrees from the horizon) for around 20 minutes. In the evenings to follow, the comet will rapidly climb higher in the sky and will be visible for a longer period.

Sadly this visit could be the last one for the comet or for mankind. Its long orbit around the sun will bring it back close to Earth again after around 6800 years.