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Driver Drifted 40 Ton Dump Truck At Worksite Like A Pro

Mayukh Bari19 August 2020 3:04PM IST
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In many racing events we can see a sportscar drifting, but can you imagine a 40-ton dump truck drifting? Surely this seems to be impossible and beyond our imagination. But one talented dump truck driver did this miracle and definitely he gave a new idea to famous rally driver Ken Block. You can watch the video below.

The big yellow dirt transporter can be seen coming down a wet clay ramp then going into a righteous six-wheel drift before seamlessly backing into position to receive its payload from an excavator. Something tells us this isn't the first time the operator has flamboyantly slid dump trucks into place. I mean, if you can do this in a Cat 740 without putting a tire out of place, you have to be pretty well-practiced, right?

Time is money in his job and the driver clearly was out of time. He used the slippery wet surface to his advantage. This drift definitely saved his valuable time and of course gave us an amazing video to watch. But I am pretty sure that this method of saving time did not impress the safety authority of the worsite.