Elon Musk Says First Demo Of His Brain Chip Is Coming This Friday

Mayukh Bari26 August 2020 8:08PM IST
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Elon Musk's controversial brain chip 'Neuralink' is ready for the first demo. Tuesday in a tweet Musk confirmed this. In July he promised that we would receive a 'progress update' on August 28.

In a post shared on Twitter on August 26, Musk offered more information on what we can expect in the 'progress update'. He told the fans that there will be a 'live webcast of working Neuralink device' on Friday, August 28, at approximately 6.00pm ET.

The update will include the unveiling of a second-generation robot designed to attach the new technology to the brain, as well as a demo of neurons 'firing in real-time'. There will also be an update on the status of human trials in 2020.

Musk's latest startup 'Neuralink' was in the process of developing a brain-computer interface to connect humans and computers. The company has already received more than $158 million in funding.

Musk has said the chip could help control hormone levels and use them to our advantage - enhanced abilities and reasoning, anxiety relief etc. He also confirmed that the mysterious technology would let users 'listen to music directly from our chips', via a device connected directly between a computer and a chip inserted within the brain.

To get it fitted, an individual would go through a similar process to laser eye surgery, with the process involving a 'neurosurgical robot' that would fit flexible 'threads' inside the brain. However, this process isn't ready to be unveiled yet, with Musk tweeting in response to a follow-up question about the event: 'Still far from LASIK, but could get pretty close in a few years.'

Although that might be a way off, fans are still hoping to be blown away by his live demo on Friday.