Even After His Death The Soul Of Harbhajan Singh Guards The Borders Of India

Mayukh Bari16 July 2020 12:36PM IST
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He is not alive but still he is present. Even after his death, he is still 'guarding' the country's borders. Such is the belief of a section of the Indian Army. For them Harbhajan Singh is still protecting the country and the guarding army from all dangers even after his death.

It is believed that, Harbhajan Singh is steadfast in his duty even after death. He warned the army personnel in advance about the danger coming from the enemy in many occasions. Even a temple was built in memory of Harbhajan. 'Baba Harbhajan Temple' is located at a height of 13,123 feet above sea level between Nathu and Jelep Pass, 52 km from Gangtok. Over the time this place became a tourist attraction.

Harbhajan Singh was born on August 30, 1947. After completing his primary education in a village school, he studied at DAV High School in Punjab. In 1965 he joined the Punjab Regiment of the Army.

In 1968, 22-year-old Harbhajan was working at Nathu La. This inaccessible and narrow pass at an altitude of 14,000 feet above sea level witnessed the Indo-China War few years ago. Although there was no war situation, but still Nathu La between Sikkim and Tibet is always sensitive in terms of location. Harbhajan Singh set out for a remote and inaccessible outpost with goods on the backs of cargo animals. That was the month of October.

It was raining heavily and the journey was tough, but he carried on. Unfortunately he never reached the destination. After several days few of those cargo animals came back to the base. Harbhajan's colleagues started to fear the worst and arranged a search operation. A few days passed but nobody was able to find him.

Preetam Singh, another soldier in the same regiment had a dream one night. In that dream Harbhajan gave him direction himself and next day on that given location they found Harbhajan's body. The cause of his death was unknown. However, his last rites were performed with full military dignity.

Harbhajan Singh's military uniform, shoes and bedding are all still carefully preserved. The soldiers guarding Nathu La claim that sometimes they notice suspicious movements in the room. Sometime there is dirt on his shoes. But his uniform always stay clean. Legend has it that Harbhajan himself kept his uniform clean. Even today, soldiers say that they use to see Harbhajan, riding on a white horse in full moon nights - guarding India's border relentlessly for decades.