How Did Pizza Become So Popular Worldwide?

Mayukh Bari11 June 2020 8:35PM IST
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Ancient Romans used to eat a flatbread called 'Focaccia'. This bread doesn't include anything on top. Toppings are added afterwards according to taste. Modern pizza evolved from a similar flatbread in Naples, Italy, in the 18th or early 19th century.

However, until the late 19th or early 20th century, pizza doesn't have tomato or even cheese on it. After World War II when Allied troops stationed in Italy they started to enjoy pizza. They spread the trend in many western countries including America - and many more foreign dishes came along. Then, how only pizza became this famous when many others can beat it in delicacy.

#1. Standalone Main Course

Pizza, as we all know, is a standalone food. Started as a common man's main course, pizza doesn't need a side dish. There are still many others which meet the same criteria. Then why Pizza became famous? Remember we are still on point number 1.

#2. Flexible Definition

Unlike many other recipes, pizza doesn't have any strict definition. It means a flatbread with anything on top. Veg or non-veg, whatever you like - you can just put on the base - bake it and there goes your pizza. This was never a recipe, this is a lifestyle food which lives with you.

#3. Low Preparation Time

It takes less than 10 minutes from start to end. Of course, when the dough is ready, veggies are cut and the oven is hot. But still, this is lightning fast than most of the main courses on earth. 30 minutes delivery is possible only with this awesome food. This attracts businesses to adapt to this menu.

#4. Pizza Restaurant

As there was no limitation of creativity, pizza changed its topping place to place. A new food business was born which was able to deliver a hundred recipes under one umbrella. In the 60s it was a very innovative business idea. Domino's, Pizza hut, PizzaExpress and many others started their journey.

#5. No Need Of MasterChef

Anyone can make a pizza if the base-bread is prepared correctly. On top of that goes the tomato sauce, fresh-cut vegetables, cheese and then baked once again. If this needs a MasterChef - then only God can help you to make biryani. The pizza businesses created thousands of stores worldwide without investing much on chefs.

#6. Low Maintenance

Pizza comes in a recyclable cardboard box or served on a plate. No cutlery is needed. This reduced the overall maintenance and packaging cost. Pizza franchises are mostly delivering it on your doorstep. Delivering food is actually profitable than having a luxurious restaurant.

These 6 points only point to one and the only conclusion - pizza business is destined to spread worldwide due to many profitable aspects. Next time when you order a pizza, remember this humble food was never a luxury food or neither a fine delicacy. It was made by common people, eaten by common people. It was a well planned business model which made this food an ultimate choice for millions worldwide.