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Indian Netizen Describes His Daily Internet Activities 'With Sarcasm'

Mayukh Bari20 July 2020 11:15AM IST
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Srini Venkat gets upset when people report his sarcastic posts and they get deleted from social media sites. So we are here to help him spread his words. You will definitely enjoy this and if you don't, then you can throw this mobile out of the window! We removed the pictures he posted and embedded almost the same images to avoid copyright issue. Here is the original post. ENJOY...

So today as a responsible citizen, I was visiting internet and came across this video of Mia Khalifa in a site called 'Pornhub'.

Please note that I added this photo just so that you can stay away from this woman not for clickbait.

Then as a responsible person, I was going through the comments in the video and then I got shocked at this comment given by someone.

"Nice b**bs"

Seriously, I don't understand how insensitive people can be. How dare they objectify her based on her body parts. Don't they have women in their family?

This is the biggest problem in India. People go to such sites and comment like this. I can't imagine how people waste their precious time by visiting such sites and commenting. This is the reason for the backwardness of our country. Our GDP is tanking because of people like this.

Now some ignorant people will ask why did I visit the site? I usually report their comments. But I'll tell why.

I'm doing this for the sake of our country. I visit such sites and then tell people not to visit them. I do this everyday.

👉 Early morning, I write an answer about the struggles of Ananya Pandey.

👉 Then after breakfast, I check the Instagram followers of few TikTok celebrities and then compare them with few dark looking sportswomen and then write that the people should follow her than the ones who show their skin.

By the way, do you know her name? I just searched "dark skinned Indian athlete". She fits my agenda.

👉 Then after lunch, I post a sad story of Sushant Singh Rajput even though I never knew that guy before he died.

And then I post about another celeb kid like Arjun Kapoor or Tiger Shroff.

👉 In the evening I ask hard-hitting question like why our army men who stand in extreme heat and snow get less salary than Virat Kohli. Because they are the real hero.

👉 In the night I write a scathing piece of how I was scammed by Swiggy or Zomato. You see I ordered a ₹200 palak paneer and then when I applied a 20% discount, they added the delivery charge. This is atrocious.

I don't care that a delivery boy has to use his own vehicle to give me food, how DARE THEY SCAM ME to pay his salary?

👉 Then in late night I write how nepotism is killing the bollywood industry and how we would be having 100 Oscars if we just killed KJo.

In fact, it takes more than 24 hours a day for me just to write these answers every day in order to motivate my fellow Indians from the wrong path.

Srini also added,

I wrote a similar answer long ago and too many people actually complimented without understanding that it's sarcasm. There are countless times my polite rebuttal gets reported or in one case, the woman started abusing me and calling me a troll etc. Personally I don't mind if you watch Mia Khalifa videos or follow TikTok celebrities. People do a lot of crazy things but why create a huge fuss about it.
* This post does not mean to offend anyone. If you feel bad, just have some ice-cream or chocolate.