Indian Tourism Company Launched Delhi To London Travel Service Via Bus

Mayukh Bari23 August 2020 1:17PM IST
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You may be shocked to hear, but this is true. An Indian tourism company just launched a Delhi to London bus service. This could be the longest tourism package ever offered via bus.

Adventure Overland, a tour and travel company in Gurgaon, has launched a bus service from Delhi to London. Many were shocked at first. Is it possible to go that much distance by bus? How long will it take? How much does it cost? You may have thousands of such questions in your mind. The company has answers to all your questions.

The company announced the bus service on August 15 on India's independence day. Tushar and Sanjay Madan, the owners of the company had traveled from Delhi to London by road for the past three years. After they checked all the possibilities, they decided to launch this tourism package.

Buses from Delhi to London will run through a total of 16 countries excluding the source and destination. The countries are Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and France.

This 60-day tour will have all the arrangements. The company will arrange for passengers to stay in four or five star hotels in different countries. In addition, visas from a total of ten countries are required to visit. The company will also arrange visa for the passengers. There is no better opportunity than this for those travellers who have enough money and time.

This 20-seat bus will have special arrangements. In addition to 20 passengers, there will be a driver, an assistant Driver, an attendant and a guide. There will be one guide for each country. In addition, each seat will be in business class. This bus service is named 'Bus to London'.

Let's come to the cost. The service will have four categories. No problem if you don't want to go to London. You can finish your tour in few pre-configured destinations. The company will safely bring you home after that. However, if you want to travel to London, the package will cost Rs. 15 lakh per person. Passengers can also avail an EMI plan to pay the package in installments if they want.