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Kitten Runs Like A T-Rex Winning Every Hearts On The Internet

Mayukh Bari08 June 2020 11:00AM IST
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This is Duck - a cute little kitten who runs just like a mini T-Rex the dinosaur. At a very tender age in an accident, both of her front legs got damaged and rescuer has no option but to amputate those. Left with only two legs the kitten just appears like a T-Rex but in a more beautiful way.

As the accident happened at a very young age the kitten did not have much problem adapting her new situation. With her upright stance, she is as energetic as a normal one. The doctor who performed the operation first thought of giving the kitten to a foster home. But in a day she changed mind and kept it.

The owner describes,

She hits a full upright like she's Usain Bolt around the house. It's crazy, she's always the happiest little thing. With a lot of energy, real playful.

The house also has few dogs and the kitten is very friendly with them too. Only one time Duck is not happy - cats use to cover up faeces and urine with sand in the litterbox but she can't do it. She tries hard but could not scratch the ground. But the good owner always keeps an eye and help Duck to cover.