Lord Ashcroft Exposes The 'Unfair Game' Of Lion Hunting In South Africa

Mayukh Bari16 June 2020 7:10PM IST
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Lord Ashcroft is a prominent businessman and philanthropist from the UK. He is known for his charitable works across many different fields. Most of the time he travels around the world to create consciousness for saving wild animals.

In 2019 during his expedition in South Africa, Ashcroft witnessed something very disturbing about the lions and documented whole of it. As part of his investigation, Ashcroft commissioned two undercover operations: Operation Simba and Operation Chastise. Together, they found that these beautiful creatures are being bred in captivity and illegally killed using packs of dogs. Today he published a book - 'Unfair Game'.

In this powerful expose, he shows how tourists are unwittingly being used to support the abuse of lions; he details how lions are being tranquillised and then hunted in enclosed spaces; he urges the British government to ban imports of lion trophies, and he demonstrates why Asia's insatiable appetite for lion bones has become a multi-million-dollar business linked to criminality and corruption.

Ashcroft said,

My research suggests it is highly likely that there are now at least 12,000 captive-bred lions in the country, against a wild population of just 3,000. Yet, strikingly, just a small number of people - a few hundred - profit from this abusive set-up. Thanks to South Africa's constitution and laws, they seem able to operate as they wish.
Here is a footage from Ashcroft

He also explained that these animals are kept in very small and cramped unhygienic living conditions, frequently drugged, and even beaten if they don't perform for paying tourists. Ashcroft is now campaigning to get captive-bred farming banned in South Africa and all the profits from his new book will be going to wildlife charities in South Africa.