Palawan In The Philippines Has Been Named The Best Island In The World

Mayukh Bari11 July 2020 9:20AM IST
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Every year the 'Travel + Leisure' magazine asks readers to weigh in on travel experiences around the globe. The magazine takes opinions on the top cities, islands, cruise ships, spas, airlines, and more. Readers rated islands according to their activities and sights, natural attractions and beaches, food, friendliness, and overall value.

This year's World's Best Awards survey closed on March 2, just before widespread stay-at-home orders were implemented as a result of COVID-19. With a score of 94.83 out of 100 - 'Palawan' in the Philippines has just been named the best island in the world. In 2016 also Palawan was crowned as the best island.

Roughly 270 miles long and just 25 miles across at its widest point, on a map Palawan looks like an arm extending from the Philippines to Borneo. It is dramatic at sea level, with mountains rising directly from the ocean. Once travelers get there they can dive in World War II wrecks, explore old-growth rain forests and beautiful beaches.

Palawan is an archipelagic province of the Philippines that is located in the region of Mimaropa. It is the largest province in the country in terms of total area of jurisdiction. Its capital is the city of Puerto Princesa, but the city is governed independently from the province as a highly urbanized city. Palawan's almost 2,000 kilometres (1,200 mi) of irregular coastline is lined with rocky coves and sugar-white sandy beaches. It also harbors a vast stretch of virgin forests that carpet its chain of mountain ranges.

The island is home of world's longest subterranean river - Puerto-Princesa Subterranean River National Park. A boat safari through the river is a must do for tourists. There are seven lakes surrounded by craggy limestone cliffs which also attract hundreds of nature lovers to Coron Reefs in Northern Palawan, near the town of Coron.

This island is not easy to reach from many parts of the world. But if you still want to visit a beautiful island in your post-COVID travel, you are in luck. Here is a list of top-10 islands which you can consider to visit for their unique beauty.

  • 1. Palawan, Philippines
  • 2. Páros, Greece
  • 3. Mílos, Greece
  • 4. Sri Lanka
  • 5. Koh Lanta, Thailand
  • 6. Mauritius
  • 7. Anguilla
  • 8. Langkawi, Malaysia
  • 9. Sicily, Italy
  • 10. Galápagos Islands, Ecuador