Russian Weightlifter Breaks Both Knees After 400Kg Squat Goes Horribly Wrong

Mayukh Bari17 August 2020 11:09AM IST
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Russian weightlifter Alexander Sedykh suffered horror injury at the championship last week. The weightlifter was seriously injured his both legs while competing in the 2020 World Raw Powerlifting Federation (WRPF) Championships held in Dolgoprudny, which is in the Moscow region of Russia.

Attempting to defend his 2019 crown, reigning champion Sedykh went for 400kg squat. Sedykh was able to walk the weight back, but as soon as he went to squat it, everything went wrong. In the footage below, you can see Sedykh's legs shake under the huge weight on his shoulders.

WARNING: Video features graphic content

He fractured both his knees during the downward movement, and also snapped both his quads. Fortunately, his spotters managed to keep the bar behind him after he let go, preventing any strain on his arms or impact on his back. Sedykh was immediately rushed to the hospital. He went through a gruelling six-hour operation where the insides of his legs were, simply, put back together. He said,

The quads were double-stitched, the knees were reassembled. The forecasts are as follows - lie down for two months, do not move your legs. Then learn to walk again and to recover.

Sedykh won the 2019 edition of the World Raw Powerlifting Federation European Championships, but has not said if he plans on competing after he recovers from these injuries.