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Scammer Put The MiG-23 Installed At Aligarh Muslim University Campus Up For Sale

Mayukh Bari08 August 2020 12:53PM IST
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In 2009 The Indian Air Force (IAF) gifted a decommissioned MiG-23BN fighter aircraft to Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) for display and educational purpose. On August 3 it was found listed for sale on OLX for a price of Rs 10 crore. No doubt someone with a very bad taste of humor did this.

As soon as the university authority found out about this scam they contacted OLX officials and the post was taken down. According to AMU, this was an attempt to defame the institution. A probe into the matter has been ordered by the university to find out the people responsible for putting up the advertisement.

According to AMU Proctor Mohd Wasim Ali, no member of the university was involved in uploading the advert on OLX. He added,

The post on OLX about the sale of aircraft installed in the campus is wrong. University has not taken any steps to auction or sell it. We are looking into the matter. It's an attempt to defame the university.

This MIG-23 was made by the Soviet Union in 1970s and inducted in IAF on January 24, 1981. However, this fighter plane was decommissioned after 28 years of glorious service on March 6, 2009 after Air Force bought latest technology to replace the jet. The Indian Air Force use to gift decommissioned fighter jets to educational institutions for display purpose. Previously they gifted Hawker Hunter (BA-241) to Delhi's Modern School and also 7 universities around the country has one of the decommissioned jets on their campus.