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The PlayStation 5 Arrives On November 12 And Starts At $400

Mayukh Bari17 September 2020 10:39AM IST
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Sony's latest game console, the PlayStation 5, will arrive on November 12 in selected markets. On November 19 the console will be available worldwide. The PlayStation 5 starts at $400 for the digital edition.

The Japanese electronics giant announced that the console will arrive in North America, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea on November 12. The PlayStation 5 Digital Edition costs $400, while the version with a Blu-ray disc drive costs $500.

Watch the PS5 showcase event here:

Both consoles are capable of running the same next generation games. But the digital edition is unable to read discs, while the standard model can. The digital edition is able to play only downloaded games. This way the game developers can fight piracy more efficiently. Sony clearly is encouraging gamers to buy the digital edition with $100 less price tag.

In the month of June, Sony unveiled the design of PS5. The design was totally different from previous generations. The white, asymmetrical design quickly attracted meme lovers around the world.

Few games are also announced for next-gen PlayStation. First-party games like "Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales" and next-gen versions of "Assassin's Creed" and "Call of Duty" will be released in a couple of months. One the most favourite games, "Fortnite" will be available for the PlayStation 5 from this November.