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This Affordable Feature Phone Can Measure Heart Rate And Blood Pressure

Mayukh Bari22 August 2020 3:04PM IST
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Indian phone maker Lava has launched world's first feature phone to ship with a dedicated pulse scanner that would allow users to measure their heart rate and blood pressure in few seconds. Lava claimed that the phone has accuracy similar to other electronic heart rate and blood pressure measuring devices. The feature phone is called the Lava Pulse.

Users need to place their fingertip on the scanner, and it will display the readings on the screen. There is also an option to save this data on the phone itself for future reference. Users can also share these readings with others through messages. Lava Pulse is a standard feature phone with plastic body. Pulse is available in rose gold colour.

The phone comes with 2.4-inch display and it also supports up to 32GB of expandable storage. With 1,800mAh battery it can deliver up to 6 days of usage on single charge. The feature phone supports dual SIM and can let you type in six Indian languages in addition to English. Product head of Lava International, Tejinder Singh said,

Lava Pulse is a solution, made to empower Indians to screen and monitor, who don't have access to or cannot afford the high cost of regular heart health check-ups.

The biggest attraction of this phone is the price. In market a blood pressure and heart rate monitor can cost you around Rs 1,000. Now you can get a phone along with all those feature with a little bit more budget - Rs 1,599. The Lava Pulse is available for buying online from Amazon India, Flipkart and at 100K+ retail stores in the country.