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Video: Little Girl Lifted 100 Feet Up In The Air In A Terrifying Accident

Mayukh Bari31 August 2020 1:27PM IST
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Last Sunday afternoon there was a kite festival in Taiwan. Everything was going smooth until a little girl was whipped more than 100ft through the air in a terrifying kite mishap.

The three-year-old girl was watching a huge kite hoisted in the air. The kite was massive and 4 men were holding it. When one by one they left the kite, something wrong happened. Somehow, the young girl became entangled in the strings of the giant orange kite. The little girl was hurled more than 100ft in the air.

# not for the faint hearted

She twists and turns through the sky at speed as the kite lashes her through the air. Festival workers battle to bring her back to earth as festival goers stand below. The kite eventually came back down to earth with the little girl. She was in the air for only a few seconds but the turbulent kite was too dangerous for the girl. A sudden drop could be fatal for the girl from that height.

Though the whole accident might sent the girl into a mental trauma, it seems the girl was not physically harmed. And this accident is a warning for the parents who take their children to kite festivals.

The event was taking place in the seaside town of Nanlioao when the little girl found herself caught up in the huge, long-tailed kite.